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This annual award recognizes an ASBO MD&DC member who demonstrates commitment to ASBO and assists the winner of this award in their leadership growth by awarding them registration to the annual ASBO International Annual Meeting and Expo Conference.


Ken Nickoles is a long-time ASBO MD&DC member, having served as president in 1981-1982.  Ken is one of only two representatives from Maryland who has served as president of ASBO International, serving in that role from 1993 to 1994. His commitment to the long-term viability and success of this organization is exemplified by this award that bears his name.


Ken is member number 21 in this 64-year-old organization. He is our First recipient of the prestigious Paul B. Bell Award in 1994, and has served in almost every ASBO MD&DC position. He and his wife, Doris, have served as the Ambassadors to our Out-Of-State Spring Conference guests for many years.  In his long standing term of membership, Ken has missed only one ASBO MD&DC Spring Conference.  He has seldom missed an ASBO International Annual Meeting & Expo Conference since 1988, the year he began serving on the ASBOI Board.



The award is made in recognition of Ken’s exceptional demonstration and support of leadership growth in developing school business officials who support ASBO MD&DC through extended terms of committee and Board of Directors volunteerism. It is the intent of this award to provide the opportunities of professional development and the sharing of progressive ideas through attendance at the ASBOI annual conference.



The award will encompass ASBO International Annual Conference registration, ASBOI membership for one year, hotel accommodations, travel costs, and meals.



·       Applicant must have be a current member of ASBO MD&DC for at least 3 consecutive years.

·       Current ASBO International membership is not required.

·       Be employed as a full-time school business employee in one of the eight disciplines represented within ASBO MD&DC (as defined by ASBO’s By-Laws).

·       Be currently serving on an ASBO MD&DC committee for at least 3 years.
Be a current sitting member of the Board of Directors with a letter of recommendation from another Board member for demonstrating exceptional volunteerism and leadership within the ASBO MD&DC organization.



Submit a 1-2-page description of the following to the Executive Director at

·       What role do you, or have you, served for ASBO MD&DC?

·       Why is ASBO MD&DC important to your professional development growth?

·       How have you demonstrated commitment to school business leadership and ASBO’s mission?

·       Applications for the award are due to the Executive Director by April 15th



The Evaluation Committee will notify the recipient of the award by May 6th.