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    Please note that all memberships with ASBO MD&DC expire on June 30 and are not prorated. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

    What is ASBO Maryland and the District of Columbia?

    When you become a member of the Association of School Business Officials, Maryland and the District of Columbia (ASBO MD & DC), you join a professional community of almost 1,100 members in Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia, as well as thousands of other school business leaders across the United States and Canada who are continuously learning by sharing the best ideas of their colleagues to reduce costs and optimize revenues, take advantage of very affordable professional development opportunities throughout the year, and direct increasingly  limited  resources to the classroom to improve teaching and learning.

    4 Reasons to Join ASBO today

    REASON#1 - Advance Your Career through professional development targeted to the school business leader. You will have the opportunity to participate in two annual educational conferences and numerous workshops, as well as have access to articles about every area of school business operations. Share best practices, learn from leaders and experienced practitioners in the fields of education and business management, and acquire the skills you need to be an effective and efficient school business leader.

    REASON#2 -  Achieve Recognition for your professional work by receiving a professional certification that identifies you as a highly qualified school business official who has met stringent education and work experience standards and is trained to make an impact in your school system. Be recognized for excellence through the Fay Miller Education Leadership Eagle Institute Award, the Brice and Shirley Phillips Best Practice Award, and the Paul B. Bell Award.

    REASON#3 -  Stay Connected and Network with other ASBO members to discuss problems and learn solutions, stay abreast of best practices, and learn about current issues in school business management and education trends and initiatives. The ASBO Matters News Journal Magazine, the ASBO Connects e-newsletters, and website ( will keep you informed about professional development events, and provide easy access to informative, thought-provoking articles. Join on-line discussion groups to share concerns and solutions to problems, and learn what’s happening in other school districts. 

    REASON #4 - Enjoy Member Benefits such as affordable conferences, workshops, and the courses of the Foundations of School Business Management  curriculum; the annual membership directory; webinars; a daily summary of national education news; the on-line Wilkes University Masters in School Business Leadership program, and product information  from over 200 ASBO business partners. 

    How Do I Join ASBO?

    Complete the appropriate membership form above. Individual dues are only $60.00 a year. There is also an institutional dues option for an entire school district to take advantage of. If you have any questions, contact Jeff LaPorta, Executive Director, via email at [email protected]


    Types of Memberships

    Active Member (Regular)
    A regular member is one who is employed by and is on the full-time payroll of a public, nonpublic or parochial school district, college or university, or state board of education and is performing school business functions in an administrative or supervisory capacity or serving as a college or university faculty member in the area of school business or educational administration.
    Active Member (Life)
    A regular member who has served for a minimum of ten years and is employed in the field of school business administration is eligible for life membership. All Past Presidents of ASBO are awarded life membership, effective the year following their presidency. Dues are ten times the active member dues.
    Educational Associate
    An educational associate is a school board member or an individual employed in the profession of education who does not qualify as an active member.
    Organizational Membership
    School Systems only. See individual Organizational Membership fees for descriptions of inclusions.
    Business Associate
    A business associate is an individual, commercially interested in the field of school business management, including exhibitors, business firms, advertisers, professional engineers, architects, certified public accountants or other business related professionals.
    Corporate Membership
    A business, commercially interested in the field of schools business management including exhibitors, business firms, advertisers, professional engineers, architects, certified public accountants or other business related professionals. 5 Memberships included under the Corporate Membership.
    Student Member
    A student member is a college or university student enrolled in school business management or educational administration classes.
    Emeritus Member
    An emeritus member is a former active member of at least five years immediately preceding retirement.
    Honorary Member
    An honorary member is one who is distinguished in public or professional service and who is elected annually by the Board of Directors.