Proposal to Present at The Allen Gaddis Leadership

    ASBO MD & DC is preparing the 2nd Allen Gaddis Leadership Academy and we are looking for presentations on leadership and skills associated with preparing new hires for leadership roles.  We would like to ask for your expertise to assist us in boosting the ability of our attendees to be leaders in their school system.  We are looking for 5- 9 session presenters to do a 1 or 2 hour session over the 3 day event.

    The Leadership Academy will be held June 24 – 26, 2019 at Wisp Resort in Garrett County.  We will provide each speaker with a hotel room and meals while at the Academy. 

    This is your chance to assist new hires in the School Business field and help influence future ASBO MD & DC leaders also. 

    Deadline for proposals is February 10th.

    If you have any questions contact Scott Germain at 301-334-8917 or


    * Promotion of your business or products (including sale of audiotapes and books) and/or videotaping during your session are not permitted.

     If selected as a presenter, we will contact you to coordinate the date and time of
    your session.

    An electronic copy of your presentation and handouts must be provided prior to the conference. 

    Please write a brief introduction of yourself. Include your job title, years of experience,
    educational background/credentials, and practical experience in the subject matter. The facilitator assigned to your
    session will use this information to introduce  you as presenter.