Foundations of Maryland School Business Management

    Pupil Transportation

    ASBO is about building leadership and management skills in our current and upcoming public school leaders which is critical to the efficiency of our profession. This workshop was established for all school business officials as well as aspiring leaders in schools and support services, to gain an understanding of Maryland School Transportation Management activities including those decision makers that need a working knowledge of the rules, principles, and procedures for transportation management in Maryland Public Schools as it applies to Maryland Local Education Agencies.

    Attendees will benefit by gaining an understanding of transportation management for Maryland School Districts. They will learn 

     * How to support and maintain a student transportation program that adheres to all legal requirements;

     * Manage energy consumption and environmental aspects;

     * Ensure that the school bus maintenance and replacement program is established and maintained; 

     * Develop a crisis management plan;

     * Monitor the student transportation program and make adjustments as marked;

     * Analyze alternative methods available for providing transportation;

     * Ensure an efficient and comprehensive routing system is developed and maintained; 

     * Ensure a comprehensive plan is in place for training and retaining bus drivers; and 

     * Communicate transportation needs to the public, administration, and state/provincial legislatures.


    ASBO reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any Foundations Course that does not exceed 10 registrants. Registrants will be notified no less than 14 days prior to the course should this occur.