Paul B. Bell Award

    The Paul B. Bell Award is established by the Association of School Business Officials of Maryland and the District of Columbia to commemorate Paul's dedication and affection for ASBO and his contribution to Howard County Public Schools. Paul Bell was a long-time member of ASBO-MD&DC and served as President from 1993 to 1994.


    The Paul B. Bell Award will be given to recognize a current member of ASBO-MD&DC who has demonstrated exemplary contributions to schools, community, and ASBO. The recipient shall exhibit a special commitment to the children and taxpayers of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Through the selection and presentation of this award, the Board of Directors wishes to confirm the pledge contained in the Aims and Objectives of the ASBO-MD&DC Constitution.

    Aims and Objectives
    The promulgation and establishment of the highest standards of ethics and efficiency in business methods and practices. The study, analysis and dissemination of the most efficient methods and practices in all matters pertaining to school business administration. Comprehensive and progressive study of school business requirements and the establishment of efficient standards.

    You are urged to give careful consideration to the nomination of an ASBO-MD&DC member who you believe is deserving of this award. Nominations may be made by ASBO members, co-workers, supervisors, board members, or governement officials.

    Nominees must be current ASBO-MD&DC members as described in the Constitution. The President, President-Elect and Vice President are not eligible during their terms of office.

    All nominations must be submitted to the Executive Director at [email protected] by February 1st. Please note that the application and accompanying materials are confidential and will not be returned to the nominator nor to the nominee. The award will be presented annually unless the Selection Committee determines otherwise. Applications will remain valid for a period of three (3) years.

    All documentation should be assembled in a manner that will convince the Selection Committee that this nominee is an exceptional ASBO-MD&DC member.

    To learn how to apply and what the requirements are, click here.

    Past Paul B. Bell Award Recipients:

    2019 Stephen Starmer

    2018 John Cavanaugh

    2017 Nancy Codner

    2016 Suzanne Jones

    2014 Scott Germain

    2013 Douglas Pindell, RSBA 

    2012  Barbara Regalia

    2011  Milton E. Nagel, CPA, RSBA 

    2010  John Markowski, CPA, RSBA

    2009  James J. Lupis, Jr.

    2008  Margaret Ellen Kalmanowicz, RSBO

    2006  Allen R. Gaddis, III

    2005  John T. Case, RSBO

    2002  Yale Stenzler

    2001  Fay W. Miller, RSBA

    1998  Carol Parham

    1997  Stephen M. Raucher, EdD, RSBA

    1996  Charles L. Wineland, RSBA

    1995  Kenneth W. Nickoles, RSBO