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    Food & Nutrition and Purchasing Foundations Courses Now Available as Online Classes

    Face-to-face instruction for our last two Foundation courses of the year (Food & Nutrition Services and Purchasing) have been converted to online courses. Anyone interested in completing these final two courses can now do so online. 
    The online format will be as follows:
    1. The complete manual and a completion quiz will be distributed (via email) at time of registration
    2. Instructor will conduct an initial overview conference call
    3. Registrants will have 8 weeks to read the manual and then take the online completion quiz (Food & Nutrition begins June 9; Purchasing begins June 10)
    4. Instructor will conduct a group conference call discussion and Q&A session
    5. The instructor will be available for email communication during the course term
    6. Certificates of successful completion will be issued for those that successfully complete the quiz with a passing grade of 70%

    For more information visit our Foundations web page at