Foundations of School Business Management

     Safety and Risk Management in Maryland Public Schools


    ASBO is about building leadership and management skills in our current and upcoming public school leaders, a mission critical to the effectiveness of our profession. Now, more than ever, with these uncertain times and fiscal constraints, school business officials must work harder than ever to ensure that the operations of school business units support the classroom teacher and students, our most treasured customers. This means that school business officials must ensure that educational resources are expended in the most efficient manner possible, and how better to accomplish that than learning from the body of knowledge represented by ASBO’s membership.

    This full day seminar, one of eight classes in the Foundations of School Business Management curriculum, has been designed for all school business officials, both those new to Risk Management and School Safety and those already working in that field; aspiring leaders in schools and support services; and school business officials working in other areas who wish to develop a sound, all-around understanding of every element of the workings of a school district.

    Attendees will benefit by gaining an understanding of the intricacies of maintaining a safe and secure environment in schools and leave with a working knowledge of how to identify and correct unsafe conditions.

    Students will be able to:

    •          Appreciate the critical role of a safety committee and understand its various functions.
    •          Identify resources to find current information on emergency planning and understand the       characteristics of an effective emergency plan.
    •          Appreciate the important role of avoiding risk and understand the ways to mitigate it.
    •          Understand the basic components of a comprehensive insurance program.
    •          Be able to identify the wide variety of environmental risks that exist in schools and understand the critical role of the risk manager in controlling and responding to these risks.
    •          Be conversant with the characteristics of an effective disaster management plan and how to develop one.
    •          Understand the importance of a strong school disaster management committee in developing and implementing that plan.