Phillips Best Practice Award

    The Association of School Business Officials of Maryland & District of Columbia
    Brice & Shirley Phillips Best Practice Award

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    Applications must be submitted by October 1, 2018

    The ASBO MD & DC Brice & Shirley Phillips Best Practice Award recognizes outstanding practices and new ideas that result in significant contributions to school systems or the profession of school business management, and can be replicated by other school business officials. Your application must meet the following requirements to be eligible for consideration:

    1. The ASBO MD & DC Brice & Shirley Phillips Best Practice Awards are open to active ASBO MD & DC members only. Please note only one person from a school system is eligible to receive an ASBO MD & DC Brice & Shirley Phillips Best Practice Award each year. If the submission is a team effort, only the person applying for the award will be recognized as a potential recipient. The outstanding practice or new idea being submitted must have been developed and executed by the applicant and implemented in the last three years.

    2. Members serving on the ASBO MD & DC Board of Directors or the Brice & Shirley Phillips Best Practice Award sub-committee are ineligible.

    3. For the purposes of this award, applicants must be a school business official employed full-time by a school district and a current member of ASBO MD & DC.

    4. Applications must include an ASBO MD & DC Brice & Shirley Phillips Best Practice Awards official application form.   Submissions shall be submitted electronically as a word document to  and must be received by October 1st.


    Step 1 - Application Form

    Complete the ASBO MD & DC Brice & Shirley Phillips Best Practice Award Application Form (reverse side) and attach it to the front of the application. Each application must have a concise, descriptive title that conveys the subject.

    Step 2 - Summary (Please answer each item separately and limit each response to 200 – 300 words.)

    • Three pages maximum
    • Single-sided
    • Single or double spaced
    • 12 pt. Time New Roman font
    • 1” margins
    • Typed on plain 8 1 /2” x 11” white paper
    The summary should be organized to include:
    1. A summary of the idea/project              
    2. How is this a new idea? 
    3. Why do you feel the project is innovative?
    4. Is this project replicable by other schools systems?                   
    5. Cite quantifiable examples of the improvements/savings achieved.
    6. How does this project affect student achievement?               

    The evaluation guidelines for criteria include how the idea or practice:

    • Promotes and enhances the overall operation of the school system or the profession
    • Is innovative for the school system or the profession
    • Can be implemented or effectively utilized by the profession or another school system
    • Enhances or has a positive effect on student achievement.

    The Recipients will receive:

    1. Recognition in news and trade media, and at the ASBO MD & DC Fall Conference;

    2. A recognition plaque;

    3. The opportunity to present the submission at the Spring Conference;

    4. $1500.00 to be used for ASBO MD & DC professional development events that may be used by the recipient or designees.

    5. A free Spring Conference registration, including an Oceanfront hotel room .

    NOTE: If a group submission is selected to receive an ASBO MD & DC Brice & Shirley Phillips Best Practice Award, one plaque and one free registration will be presented to the designated lead person; other individuals will receive a certificate.

    Email your application and submission as a word document to:

    Applications must be submitted by October 1st.

    Click here to download an application.

    Past Recipients

    2018 - Summer Food Service Mobile Dining Trailer , Scott Germain, Garrett County Public Schools

    2017-  Emergency and Crisis Management Technology Always at Your Fingertips, Glenn Belmore, Charles County Public Schools

    2016 - "School Swap" - A Continuous Improvement Project, Teresa Dennison, Howard County Public Schools

    2015 - Managed Print Services by Stephen Starmer, Frederick County Public Schools 

    2014 - Wireless Internet -Stimulating Creative Thinking and Unanticipated Advancements for Maintenance, by Robert Wilkinson, Frederick County Public Schools

    2013 -Blended Operations, by W. Wesley Watts, Jr., Chief Information Officer, Prince George’s County Public Schools.

    2012 - Leveraging High School Athletic Booster Volunteer Time Into Capital Improvements, by Christopher J. Hauge, School Facilities Engineer, Dorchester County Public Schools