Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

    Welcome to our Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

    All webinars run from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

    September 19th 2018 - "Fraud Detection and Prevention"
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    This webinar will explore best practices to limit the possibility of financial fraud and what to
    do when there is a suspicion that a fraud might have been committed. We will begin by
    looking at financial fraud cases involving schools and the gaps and holes in procedures that
    made this possible. While no system is completely fraud proof, weaknesses and lapses in
    internal control procedures often leave operations more vulnerable. We will examine the
    most common weakness and how they can be prevented.

    November 14th 2018 - "Excel Intermediate 1"
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    Building on our tips and tricks session from last year, this webinar will explore practical
    business office applications of more advanced count and sum functions, minimum and
    maximum, date functions and simple data validation. As with last year, participants will get
    a fully annotated template with sample worksheets and you try exercises.

    January 16th, 2019 - "Excel Intermediate 2"
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    Session 2 will delve more deeply into data validation and look at more advanced date
    function and they can be used for project planning. We will also look at Vlook up and simple
    pivot tables. A fully annotated template will be provided with sample worksheets and you try

    February 6th 2019 - "Sexual Harassment: Law and Best Practices for the School Leader"
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    This webinar will begin by exploring federal law under title VII of the civil rights act and
    cases involving educational institutions. The objective is to help you and your staff to adopt
    safe harbor practices that reduce the risk of being accused of sexual harassment. How to
    create a school environment that is free of sexual harassment or other forms of
    discrimination also will be discussed. We will examine best practice actions to be taken by
    supervisors when there is a claim and how to keep maintain a non-discrimination culture.

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