Foundations of Maryland School Business Management

    Elements of School Information Technology

    ASBO is about building leadership and management skills in our current and upcoming public school leaders which is critical to the efficiency of our profession. Now more than ever, with these uncertain economic times school business officials must synchronize the actions of business units and the goals of the educational institution so that our precious educational resources are expended in the most efficient manner possible, especially in the classroom.
    This workshop was established for all school business officials, for aspiring leaders in schools and support services, bookkeepers and new employees interested in gaining a better understanding in information technology activities as it applies to Maryland Local Education Agencies (LEAs).


    Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to;
    • Apply the most current technology to the storage, analysis and communication of data (fax, electronic mail, administrative and educational computer systems, etc);
    • Evaluate the cost benefits of producing information in relation to organizational value;
    • Develop a records management system using appropriate technology that complies with all legal requirements;
    • Develop an database to facilitate management decisions using current data processing techniques;
    • Administrate a computerized management information system;
    • Ensure that appropriate data security in maintained;
    • Gain a working knowledge of the technology and software that is available for school and    business office use;
    • Develop and implement technology in the business office and the classroom environments;          
    • Evaluate and apply various technology tools for use in the school and business office;
    • Develop long-range technology planning for the school district;
    • Promote and assist in the development of staff training in technology;
    • Allocate appropriate resources toward the purchase and installation of technology and technology infrastructures in the business office, the school office, and the classroom;
    • What are the appropriate specifications for technology purchasing and technology infrastructure contracting for the school district;


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    ASBO reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any Foundations Course that does not exceed 10 registrants. Registrants will be notified no less than 14 days prior to the course should this occur.