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    A long sought-after goal of many individuals in the field of school business management has been the attainment of professionalism not only in the acquired knowledge and experience, but in the recognition by peers in the school business field, in other facets of education, and in other professions. Our Professional Certification Program offers both acknowledgment and recognition for professionals in all levels of school business management. Professional certification is a way of identifying the true professionals in the field, the ones with the background, training, and on-the-job experience to merit the designation. The ASBO MD & DC certification program acknowledges the essential principles of continuing education, recognizing a candidate’s work experiences and other life accomplishments, particularly those areas in school business administration that are most reflective of successful professional attainment.

    To help our members achieve their professional aspirations in 2007 we began building our professional development curriculum that is designed to enhance our members’ professional development by tying our curriculum to our certification program. We hope this will add value to our members’ certification.  ASBO MD & DC wants certification to be something that is sought after and coveted. We want the perception to be that those who hold this certification have earned it through a rigorous course of study in school business leadership and management. For many, professional certification is a pinnacle achievement that reflects their superior knowledge, experience and status as a school business professional. Whatever their motivation for certification, ASBO MD & DC’s courses provide the knowledge and the qualifying credits they need to become Maryland Certified School Business Administrator (MCSBA) or a Maryland Certified School Business Official (MCSBO).

    Our “Foundation” courses have been a huge success. All of our courses have been highly attended which tells us we are on the right track and that there is a need among our members for this kind of training. As you know  ASBO MD & DC created a new professional development core curriculum around the fundamental practices of each of our professional sections: Administrative and Fiscal Programs; Information Technology; Human Resources; Pupil Transportation; Purchasing; Safety, Security, and Risk Management; School Facilities; and School Food and Nutrition Services.

    Certification of school business professionals should be a critical tool for agencies all over the state as they watch every dollar and look to maximize their value; it allows them to assess which well-trained professionals are better equipped to do that. Certification can also provide an edge when applying for an open position or looking to be promoted. The goal of the ASBO MD & DC Certification program is designed to measure professional competence in a body of knowledge surrounding school business. Maryland Certified School Business Administrator (MCSBA) and Maryland Certified School Business Official (MCSBO) certification will provide agency managers a degree of confidence in the ability and integrity of the people who have been or will be selected to do the job with the ASBO MD & DC MCSBA/MCSBO designation.

    ASBO is about building leadership and management skills in our current and upcoming public school leaders which is critical to the efficiency of our profession. Now more than ever, with these uncertain economic times school business officials must synchronize the actions of business units and the goals of the educational institution so that our precious educational resources are expended in the classroom.  Also, certification permits closer control of school business practices by establishing universal norms and offers opportunities for increased earnings levels in school business operations based on recognition of professional competence and performance. The ASBO MD & DC programs are designed specifically for the school business professionals. Only those individuals who have school business experience are eligible.

    We began teaching these courses in the winter, summer, and fall of 2009. Starting in 2010 our goal was to offer these courses on a rotational basis. The courses are updated by the section representatives throughout ASBO MD & DC as changes occur through legislation. By forming cohorts of students that move through our courses in a methodical approach and then making the completion of the courses as a basis for receiving your MCSBO and MCSBA we can assure our members that our certification process has validation.

    As members of an educational institution we realize that we are the “frontline” of knowledge. However, education institutions generally have a tendency to build silos that inhibit the fruitful sharing and integration of knowledge. Offering “The Elements of School Finance” is just one step we can take to breakdown these silos and create a free exchange of new ideas for development of more efficient and effective school business officials. Our curriculum is organized around problem solving rather than subjects and these problems reflect the concerns of our members based on today’s school business environment and their day-to-day experiences. Our members who take their continuous learning seriously know that the rewards can be far-reaching for their school systems. Professional development needs to create uneasiness so we will be pulled toward change.

    These classes are offered as a short-term session no more than one day for six hours and supplemented, eventually, by distance-learning courses and seminars that build on this adult educational process. We realize that there is a need for courses to be conveniently delivered for working professionals. These courses will give our members the opportunity to understand, develop, and enhance their leadership skills using a flexible approach that includes discussion, assessment, and application of principals and techniques to help our members become more self-assured and effective contributors to an educational leadership team. Each course has been developed around application in the “real world”, hopefully making this and each follow-on course important and relevant to our members’ personal and professional needs. Using direct, concrete experiences to which they will apply learning from the real work world back in their school systems. When our members take one of the “Foundation” courses they will see that it is designed to allow our members to participate in small-group activities during the course and move them beyond understanding to application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. These small-group activities will provide them with an opportunity to share, reflect, and generalize their learning experiences.

    We, the members of ASBO MD&DC are the visionary change agents for school business and the professional experts and leaders in the most effective and efficient methods of school business operations. We are a statewide resource for advice and understanding of how school business impacts the educational process for our children, parents, politicians, boards of education, superintendents, faculty, and administrative staff. The professional development curriculum we have put into place over the last several years have occurred with this stated purpose, and vision in mind. One thing I like to tell people is that every dollar we save on the business side through effective and efficient business practices is a dollar we return to the children in the classroom. That is the value we add to the educational process through our professional development.

    Many of our members are also members of these and other professional development organizations all offering course work aimed at their particular specialties. What we are doing is geared for school business officials and is designed to complement the professional development of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), Institute of Supply Management (ISM) as well as the Governmental Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and not to compete with those organizations or to be redundant. 

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