Foundations of Maryland School Business Management

    Facilities Management for Maryland Public Schools

     This workshop is for all school business officials, and school staff, as well as aspiring leaders in schools, support services, faculty and staff and new employees to gain a working knowledge of the rules, principles, and procedures for facilities management and an understanding of Maryland School Facilities Management. 

    Upon completing this introductory course students will have covered the organization and supervision models, environmental issues, operations management, green schools, and custodial operations.

    Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

    • Develop a long range facility plan that includes demographic data and serve as an integral member of the planning team;
    • Develop appropriate procedures for selecting architects, engineers, construction managers, and other professionals;
    • Apply the steps and procedures involved in developing and using educational specifications for selecting school sites;
    • Review the legal and administrative responsibilities for advertising, awarding, and managing construction contracts;
    • Recognize the impact of energy and environmental factors on the learning process;
    • Meet the requirements of federal and state/provincial agencies regarding construction and renovation of school facilities;
    • Administer procedures required to keep schools clean, safe, and secure through effective custodial services and preventive maintenance;
    • Manage energy consumption and environmental aspects;
    • Determine resource allocation for maintenance and operations;
    • Develop a crisis management plan;
    • Maintain a positive working relationship with staff, contractors, and suppliers.


    "I found the Foundations of Facilities Management for Maryland Public Schools course to be exceptionally thorough and informative.  As school business personnel, we are not often exposed to an abundance of professional development opportunities as compared to our instructional counterparts.  This course touched on every facet of my profession personally yet would be an incredible resource for anyone interested in learning more about the business of facilities management.  The presenter had extensive knowledge of the subject matter and was able to provide many real-world examples of the challenges we face as facilities managers.  I would recommend this course to anyone involved in facilities management, finance, administration and even school-based staff who occupy our facilities on a daily basis."

     Daniele Haley, AIA

    Supervisor of Facilities & Capital Planning


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