For many School Business Officials (SBO) like you, professional certification is a pinnacle achievement that reflects your superior knowledge, experience, and status as a school business professional. Whatever your motivation to achieve certification, ASBO MD&DC’s courses, workshops, and education sessions equip you with the knowledge and the qualifying credits you need to become newly certified as a

    Certification Requirements

    Certification Application

    Certification of school business professionals is a critical tool for school systems everywhere as they shepherd each dollar and work to maximize its value.  Well-trained SBOs are best prepared to accomplish this task and deliver the highest level of support to the classroom. Certification can provide an edge to its holder when applying for a new position or promotion, and also gives a high level of confidence to an appointing authority that the certificated professional is well trained, and has the ability and integrity to perform their job at the highest level.

    The new ASBO MD&DC Certification Program is designed to measure and validate professional competence as defined by the ASBO International and ASBO MD&DC Core Competencies, a body of knowledge surrounding the school business profession. The CSBA, CSBO, and CSBS have met universal competency norms and are recognized for their professional competence and knowledge. This new program is designed specifically for school business professionals and only those with school business experience are eligible for this prestigious certification.

    Use the links to learn more about what it takes to be certified by ASBO MD&DC. If you have any questions, please contact the Professional Development Chair at [email protected].