Allen Gaddis Leadership Academy

    Next dates June 24 - 26, 2019 at Wisp Resort, Deep Creek Lake MD

     The Association of School Business Officials, Maryland and the District of Columbia (ASBO MD & DC), is excited to announce the establishment of the Allen Gaddis Leadership Academy.  Allen was President of ASBO from 1963-1964 (Member #8) and, until last year, was still a leader in the association and serving on its Board of Directors. The Academy was developed in his honor in order to “give back” to the school systems that have supported our organization over the years.  In so doing, we seek to pass on exceptional skills and professional connections to new staff members that would, in-turn, allow them to better serve their school systems and students.  This Academy affords the opportunity for one person from each school system in MD & DC to attend the Allen Gaddis Leadership Academy – at no cost to the district. 

         Each superintendent will be asked to nominate a new or recent hire to his/her system (hired within the last three years) to participate in the two year programThe program will begin with a Leadership Seminar in June of 2017.  The seminar will include leadership education sessions along with opportunities to become acquainted with their fellow Academy attendees.  Over the next two years each attendee will have the opportunity to be enrolled in each of the eight Foundation courses, two fall conferences, and two spring conferences.  The attendees also will be serving on committees and assisting during our conferences in order to advance their work and learning experiences, as well as to aid them in meeting new colleagues from around the state.  They also will be contributing to ASBO MD & DC’s publications as they share their perspectives on the events throughout the two years.  When they finish the two year Leadership Academy they will be recognized at the 2019 Spring Conference with both their Allen Gaddis Leadership Academy Diploma, as well as with their ASBO MD & DC Certified School Business Certification or provisional certification, should they qualify.

         The three day June Leadership Seminar will have nine hours of classroom instruction, along with over four hours of round table discussions and five hours of leadership building, hands-on events.  All meals and hotel accommodations for the Leadership Seminar will be provided to attendees.

         The annual Fall Conference is a one day event.  It includes a keynote speaker,  breakout sessions for all eight business sections (a total of 16 possible hours of Professional Development from which to choose), and a Big Idea Group (B.I.G.) session where colleagues can share questions and solutions about their particular fields of expertise with people from all around the state to see how they are handling today’s issues.  The conference includes 40 tabletop exhibitors sharing updated information for the school community.  A continental breakfast and lunch are included in the conference registration.

         The Spring Conference is a multi-day event that includes up to five breakout sessions for each of the eight business sections and topics of broad interest for a total of 40 possible hours of Professional Development from which to choose.  It also includes a keynote speaker and a closing speaker on Wednesday morning.  The conference begins on Sunday evening with a welcome gala where all attendees will have the chance to meet new people from around the state, including our exhibitors and business members.  The conference includes over 190 exhibitors that specialize in all aspects of school business.  

         ASBO MD & DC has developed introductory Foundations Courses for all eight of the school business fields.  The following courses are designed to give an overview of the field, along with specifics for Maryland:

    Purchasing for Maryland Public Schools 

    Food and Nutrition Services for MD Public Schools

    Elements of School Finance

    Facilities Management for Maryland Public Schools

    Human Resources in Maryland Public Schools

    Elements of School Information Technology

    Pupil Transportation

    Safety/Security/Risk Management


         ASBO has a number of committees, all of which are composed of volunteers. They are essential to the vitality of the Association and they welcome volunteers who want to contribute to ASBO, meet like-minded colleagues, and further develop their leadership skills.  Each Allen Gaddis Leadership Academy attendee will be asked to serve on a committee for two years.  They will be expected to attend at least one in-person meeting per year.  The rest of the meetings may be attended via web meetings.  The committees are as follows:

    1.        The Conference Arrangements Committee is responsible for the organization of both conferences, including conference space, meals, schedules, registration, hotel accommodations, etc.
    2.        The Exhibits Committee develops relationships with our business members, secures exhibitors for both of ASBO’s conferences, and manages the exhibit space at both of ASBO’s conferences.
    3.        The Information and Technology Committee is responsible for the ASBO website and database, selecting the website provider and mobile apps for the conferences, and developing a technology plan to ensure that ASBO’s needs are met.
    4.        The Professional Development Committee develops the education sessions for both conferences.  This committee also develops and presents workshops, seminars, and the Foundations of School Business Management courses. It also is responsible for the management of ASBO’s professional certification program.
    5.        The Membership and Outreach Committee continually monitors membership growth and retention, and makes recommendations on how ASBO can better serve its members.



    Summer Leadership Seminar (one year only) – June 24-26, 2019 - Wisp Resort, Deep Creek Lake, MD

     68th Fall Conference 2019– TBD

     68th Spring Conference 2020 – May 17 - 20, 2020 The Roland Powell Convention Center – Ocean City, MD

    69th Fall Conference 2020 –TBD

    69th Soring Conference 2021 - May 23 - 26, 2021 The Roland Powell Convention Center – Ocean City, MD

    Foundations of School Business Management Courses and committee meetings will be scheduled with the annual calendar.

    The next Allen Gaddis Leadership Academy will begin June 2021 - Location to be determined.


         We are relying on the local school system to select whom they wish to groom for future leadership and to ask that person to commit to participating actively in the Academy over the next two years.  In order that we give the participants time to make room in their schedules for the Academy’s June kick-off, we ask that you please advise us of the district’s selection by March 1, 2019.  For more information, please visit the ASBO website or contact Jeff LaPorta, ASBO MD & DC Executive Director, at [email protected].