Fall 2019 PD Presentations

    Comments from the MSDE Transportation Director

    Comments from the MSDE Transportation Director [Gabriel Rose]

    Management and Leadership Concepts

    Management and Leadership Concepts [Tim Ammon]

    2019 Fall Conference Education Sessions

    Maritime Conference Center, Linthicum, Maryland
    629 Maritime Blvd.
    Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

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    2019 Fall Conference Education Sessions
    Implementing the New Lease Accounting Standard (GASB 87)

    Description: The Governmental Accounting Standards Board has issued a new accounting standard, "GASB 87, Leases," that will become effective for reporting periods beginning after December 15, 2019. The new lease accounting will require advanced preparation prior to its implementation. This presentation will assist business offiercs in accounting and finance prepare for the upcoming standard and provide guidance on implementation of the standard. 

    Speaker: Chris Lehman, Partner, SB & Company, LLC, Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors
    Area(s) of Interest: Administrative & Fiscal

    Alternative Infills for Synthetic Turf Fields

    Description: Since the installation of the first synthetic turf field in the 1970s, there have been concerns about the safety, health, and environmental impacts of installing and playing on artificial surfaces. Infill was introduced to turf fields in the 1990s and consisted of crumb rubber (SBR-styrene butadiene rubber) and sand. The sand and crumb rubber are added on top of the carpet and raked in between the fibers to provide footing; shock attenuation; and to hold the fibers upright, giving it a realistic grass-like appearance. This basic system has been used since for most types and brands of synthetic athletic fields, except for some field hockey fields, which still use knitted nylon carpet. Although the link is still unsubstantiated, many owners and players have questioned the health and safety of using recycled rubber crumb in synthetic turf and have requested alternative materials. Because of these concerns and sometimes the potential for community opposition to turf field projects, many field owners no longer want to consider using the standard crumb rubber and sand infill, and look for alternatives. This presentation will discuss the available alternative details and detail their particular pros and cons.

    Speaker: Carolyn E. DuBois, ASLA, Senior Project Manager, Gale Associates, Inc.
    Area(s) of Interest: Facilities/Construction

    Effective School Communications: Connecting During a Crisis with Law Enforcement, EMS, Buses, Schools, and Staff  

    Description: "This is not your father’s radio system"… Radio was once used only for voice communications.  But the story today is convergence: the merging of distinct technologies into a unified whole. Today’s digital radio systems not only offer clear voice but they integrate data and video with voice to enhance safety, operating efficiencies, and customer service.  This presentation will show how today’s two-way radio systems can improve safety, security, and accountability on school campuses and in student transportation operations without the endless recurring costs associated with other technologies. Attendees will understand the interoperability technologies available today, interoperability at lower cost, and system scalability so that implementation can occur over time.

    Speaker: Gabe Najjar, President, Procom Communications, LLC
    Area(s) of Interest: Safety/Security & Risk Management

    Using School Data to Enhance Safety

    Description: Schools have an enormous amount of data that could be better utilized to prevent, predict and respond to criminal activity, bullying and school violence. This session explores how Charles County Public Schools is using data and information to make schools safer.

    Speaker: Jason Stoddard, Director of School Safety and Security, Charles County Public Schools
    Area(s) of Interest: Safety/Security & Risk Management, Transportation, Leadership/Management

    Management and Leadership Concepts

    Description: Join us here for a special focus directed toward creating the systems and models necessary for the nurturing and development of the highest quality leaders and managers. What does it mean to lead? What does it mean to manage? Why are these two functions, leaders and managers, so regularly and easily confused? What are the critical differences between the two? Knowing that leadership is so much more than knowledge and conveyance of inspirational expressions and that managing is never merely about bossing people around, the session will focus on how to build the required quality skills and attitudes for both leading and managing.

    Speaker: Tim Ammon, Principal/Partner, Decisions Support Group LLC
    Area(s) of Interest: Transportation, Leadership/Management

    Comments from the MSDE Transportation Director: Federal Initiative Review

    Description: Mr. Rose will provide a summary and update of current federal agency initiatives in the student transportation arena. The discussion will include a synopsis of the recent three-day NASDPTS conference, which Mr. Rose attended as a Maryland representative, and which was fully dedicated to federal agency presentations, highlighting the near certainty that considerable changes are in the queue. Topics will likely include both equipment and personnel requirement changes related to the recent Iowa bus fire and several high consequence bus accidents, among other things.  

    Speaker: Gabriel Rose, Director of Transportation, Maryland State Department of Education
    Area(s) of Interest: Transportation

    Introduction to Commodities

    Description: School systems receive commodity dollars for purchasing food based on the number of meals served.  This session will provide introductory information about the US Foods/Commodity Program.  Is this just monopoly play money or does this program have a real value? Attendees will learn basics of the commodity program, learn various methods of utilizing US Foods, and learn best practices of successful LEA's.

    Speaker: Kenneth Simcox, Food & Nutrition Specialist, Anne Arundel County Public Schools
    Area(s) of Interest: Food & Nutrition Services

    Food & Nutrition Success Stories in Grant Funding

    Description: Come to hear food service supervisors discuss their succesful grant funded activities.  From a dream to a reality . . . from the meal machine to infinity and beyond. Attendees will learn to dream about possibilities, learn how FNS programs have benefited from grants, and learn what worked and what didn't work.

    Speaker: Michael Embly, Supervisor of Food & Nutrition Services, Washington County Public Schools
    Area(s) of Interest: Food & Nutrition Services

    Cost Savings Based on Comprehensive Turnkey Performance-based Project

    Description: Studies prove that implementing infrastructure improvements today will cost less today than tomorrow.  Bundling a package of solutions into a turnkey performance project using existing untapped budgets will save millions on the total overall project costs. The EPC process allows school facitlites to capture all of these savings in a single turnkey program that provides high performing equipment and systems today while addressing growing deferred maintenance lists. Attendees will learn about: leveraging of existing funding, innovative approaches to aging facilities, and cost savings strategies to address deferred maintenance.

    Speakers: Karen Galindo-White, Senior Business Development Manager, Energy Systems Group, and Wyatt Shiflett, Director of Financing Programs, Maryland Clean Energy Center
    Area(s) of Interest: Administrative & Fiscal, Facilities/Construction, Leadership /Management

    Cooperative Purchasing for School Roofing Construction

    Description: This is a Panel Discussion. Attendees will discuss alternative methods for bidding roofs, learn proven effective processes for reducing costs, and learn how to structure your bids to be more cost effective. 

    Attendance will count toward two AIA learning units if attendee's AIA# is presented to ASBO room check-in personnel. Certificate will be emailed to attendee.

    Facilitator: Carla Viar Pullen, Facilities Planner, Queen Anne's County Public Schools
    Panelists: Todd Holtzner, Territory Manager, The Garland Company, Inc., Debbie Groat, Coordinator, Regional Purchasing, Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee, Jeff LaPorta, Executive Director, ASBO MD&DC

    Area(s) of Interest: Facilities/Construction, Leadership/Management

    Growing Our Own: Developing the Next Generation of Maryland’s Design & Construction Professionals

    Description: Across the nation, shortages in building trades and design and construction management professions have increased considerably. Join our panel and learn how administrators, school facilities staff and the design and construction community can join forces to implement proven, effective methods that are helping to grow Maryland’s own workforce. Attendees will: learn how to support Maryland state initiatives to support efforts to attract and retain CTE students, learn how school facilities staff and the A/E/C community can partner with CTE’s to train students as interns and grow their own workforce to hire upon graduation, and learn how to support local apprenticeship programs that provide students with an industry advantage upon graduation. 

    Attendance will count toward two AIA learning units if attendee's AIA# is presented to ASBO room check-in personnel. Certificate will be emailed to attendee.

    Moderator: Lori Walls, Director of Client Relations, Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates Architects
    Tiara Booker-Dwyer, Assistant State Superintendent, Division of Career & College Readiness, Maryland State Department of Education; Dr. Kristine Pearl, Career & Technology Education Supervisor, Frederick County Public Schools; Lateefah Durant, Career and Technical Education Coordinator, Prince George's County Public Schools; Mick Rayburn, CCM, LEED AP BD+C, Sr. Project Manager, Whiting-Turner 

    Area(s) of Interest: Facilities/Construction, Leadership/Management

    State of Maryland Information Technology Security Manual Version 1.2

    Description: On June 28th, 2019, the Maryland State Department of Information Technology (DoIT) released the new State of Maryland Information Technology Security Manual, Version 1.2.  Maryland DoIT, in collaboration with the Maryland State Depratment of Education (MSDE), establish the Information Security Governance standards for all Local Education Agencies (LEAs).  As a result, these are the minimum state and local standards by which all Maryland LEA are audited for compliance. We will discuss the governance framework and requirements required by the new manual. Attendees will learn: a basic understanding of information security governance requirements, best practices in meeting audit standards of MD DoIT ITSM v1.2, and discuss the challenges the new rule presents to LEAs.

    Speaker: Edward Gardner, Director of Technology Infrastructure, Frederick County Public Schools
    Area(s) of Interest: Information Technology, Safety/Security & Risk Management 

    MD House Bill 486 - Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Prevention

    Description: MD House Bill 486 went into effect on July 1, 2019.  The new law requires public school employers to verify that employees and vendors with direct contact with minors have not been a party to a previous sexual abuse or sexual misconduct investigation.  How are you managing these new requirements?  How do you determine "direct contact" with students?  Have you modifiied all of your contracts and procedures accordingly?  Take this opportunity to make certain you are compliant with this new law. Attendees will: develop an understanding of HB486, learn what their responsibilities under this new House Bill, and whether their district is compliant with this new law.

    Speaker: Edmund J. O'Meally, Legal Counsel, Carroll County Public Schools
    Area(s) of Interest: Administrative & Fiscal, Human Resources, Safety, Security & Risk Management

    Retirement 101

    Description: This session will review the basics of retiring from the MD State Retirement Agency.  New employees are set up with a retirement account, but many forget about it after orientation.  We will discuss beneficiaries, the seven different options when retiring, disability retirement, and the different types of retirement systems. Attendees will:

    - understand the different retirement systems
    - understand retirement options
    - have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session (this will be an interactive presentation)

    Speaker: Julie Phillips, Retirement Coordinator, Worcester County Public Schools
    Area(s) of Interest: Human Resources