Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

    February 7, 2017 - Click here to watch the recording of this webinar

    Dealing with Difficult Individuals and Surviving to Tell the Tale

    A difficult individual is not just someone who is having an off day.  Whether intentionally or unintentionally, difficult individuals do things that create challenges for others in the workplace.  While it is unlikely that you can change the difficult individual, greater awareness can help you to avoid falling into the common traps.  We will explore types such as: Intimidators, time abuses, super "agreeables", chronic complainers and narcissists. Although not technically a difficult type, strategies for dealing with upset and angry people also will be covered.     

    March 20, 2017- Click here to watch the recording of this webinar

    Microsoft Excel Tip and Tricks

    This Microsoft Excel webinar covers many of the most useful and powerful features you will need in a business office and or another educational office environment.  Whether you are a beginner of an experienced pro, you will come away with great techniques and strategies that will save time and generate both highly functional and attractive documents.  Time saving tips and little known tricks also be covered. Google Sheets users, no worries, everything that we cover works in Google Sheets.

    April 4, 2017 - noon - 1pm

    Business Office Practices

    While each district has its own policies and procedures, this webinar will raise awareness of well-established best practices in school finance and management that help protect the district from loss, limit exposure of business office personnel and facilitate efficient operation of the district in the service of children and other stakeholders. Tips for saving time and organizing your workflow will also be covered. Many of the strategies also apply to efficient operation of another educational department as well. 

    May 9, 2017 - noon - 1pm

    Enhancing Your Leadership Skills

     Highly effective leaders have one thing in common they know how to create a winning team.  In this webinar, we will explore strategies for establishing goals, motivating your team, developing effective systems, and using data. Creating a positive perception of yourself and your department in all points of contact with stakeholders also will be covered


    How Do I Participate? 

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